The north of Vietnam is full of wonders which you have to go there to experience it yourself. The destination called Ha Giang seems to be one of the most mentioned place when the north west of Vietnam comes up. It is certainly worth to be mentioned because it is a unique region which owns the most precious landscapes.

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Before heading to the capital city of Ha Giang province, I made a stop in Hoang Su Phi. The town is 30km from the right turn at the intersection Tan Quang when you are heading to Ha Giang city. The further the drive, the more you see the difference of living in this area. Hoang Su Phi is the home for many H’mong, Red Dzao and Nung ethnic groups. I made my stop in Thong Nguyen – a small village of Hoang Su Phi, and got a chance to stay with a local Dzao family in Nam Khoa. With simple accessibilities in a stilt looking house, it was more than enough for me during 2 day stay in Mr. Kinh’s house. He is a kind host with a friendly smile which made me feel at home in his lovely house.

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In Hoang Su Phi, where traveller’s dream to explore the terrace rice fields with the unique local experience will be satisfied. The area is like a hidden charm which there is hardly any tourists wandering around. It is completely remote and off the beaten track. Staying in a homestay was certainly an experience that I was glad that I had done. As they say, “you won’t know them ’til you enter their house”. Sleeping under the thatched roof on the thin mattress lying on bamboo layered floor, how simple that was! Because the house is high up on a hill, even the Vietnamese summer heat was extremely hot outside but it got cooled down inside. During the day, everyone was off to work, kids were gone to school. The area was surrounded by the quietness, so quiet that you could here the flies. When the sun went down, everyone was home and gathered around for a great meal with some shots of homemade rice wine (actually more than just a few shots).

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One of those two days, I spent a day to be out trekking the area. The trek was from Nam Khoa to Nam Hong, approximately 10km. The trek itself was not hard but the weather condition made it tougher than normal. Started off with the harsh sun while the hill was steep and my feet kept trekking up. However, that sunbeam created a great exposure on how green the rice fields were. The way up high got the view of all Nam Khoa and somewhere was there Mr. Kinh’s house. The further the trek went, the more magnificent the view got. Certainly, it was just like how people had described it. Maybe I had passed by several view points for terrace rice fields, but it would never be enough. How incredible it is to create such a human-made beauty!

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The few more shots of rice wine were down to wrap up my stay in Hoang Su Phi. It was not for the alcohol or being drunk but for the feeling at home and cheering on we all getting gathered around at one place on that day.

Thanks to Ha Giang Trekking Tours to make this trip happen and support my travels in Hoang Su Phi.

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