Who has not tried Tinder? If you say you haven’t, either it is a lie or you are actually missing out an opportunity to meet people.

Tinder while travelling

When Tinder was first launched, I could not help my curiousity but trying out the app. It was once known as a dating app and my first attempt was to check out the market. It was quite interesting back then knowing that I could explore who was available in my area. Dating websites are quite lame to me but how Tinder App works is so easy and simple. Swipe right or left, to be honest, it is one of the best ways to kill the boredom. I had never expected to meet someone from this app, because it is an online platform in the end. When I first had a Tinder Date, I realised that Tinder wasn’t bad after all. Well, the date turned out very well but we remain being friends. I deleted the app shortly after that.

The “D” pic

Beginning of 2015, I took my backpack, travelled to Vietnam and planned a short South East Asia’s trip. The first few days in Hanoi were quite boring since my plan was to visit some relatives there. I re-downloaded Tinder to have something to kill the time. I was surprised how great the community using Tinder in Hanoi and how different it was from Germany and The Netherlands. Most people on Tinder were expats who lived in Hanoi and some were travelling in Vietnam. I got matched with a few but only talked to 2 guys – one was an English teacher based in Hanoi and one was a film-making making his way across Vietnam. Found myself bored and knowing I would be leaving in a few days, I decided to meet up with them (of course separately). I wouldn’t call it a date because we only met for a coffee and talked about our careers. A lot of travel talks were involved, needless to say. I only saw them only once but I actually met one of them again when I was in Hanoi a year later.

It was the day for my departure. I made my way down south of Vietnam then crossed Cambodia. Tinder was still on my phone but I was too busy meeting new people in hostels and on the way so I never touched it once after the last usage. I entered Thailand and settled in Bangkok. May my restless day have brought me to open the Tinder app once again to find people around me. Tindering in Thailand was a different experience because I noticed many strange bio descriptions and people asking for three-some. I was quite shocked and felt not very comfortable using the app there. However, I got matched with someone who had his profile saying that “solo traveller – looking for someone to meet up for drinks” which I found okay enough. We exchanged whatsaap number to chat easier. It was definitely a bad idea because I had not written him so much to know if he was one of those who were on Tinder to find a quick hook-up. An image came and I was more than just astonished from what I was looking at. A man under a shower naked, face was not in the photo. I was not sure either I was shocked by the fact that the guy was so confident to send me a picture of his D or I was confused of if all men on Tinder were like that and wondered what was the point of showing your D to other women (because women are not turned on by seeing your D, mate!).

Got off Tinder the rest of my South East Asia trip since then.

Tinder: Looking for travel mate or sex buddy?

Tinder has changed its settings that you are now able to match with your same sex gender. It is not bad, however, I find the chance of getting match with a girl very low. Many people say that the reason they are on Tinder while travelling is to find people to hang out with or to get matched with locals for the possibility that they will bring you around. Certainly, nothing is wrong with that, and it is quite a good way of using Tinder.

Tindering while travelling could help you find some people to travel with for a short period of time. Even though I have to admit that, we all tend to ‘swipe right’ only we find people who we find interesting and attractive. In our minds, our attempt is to find a travel mate but somewhat we could not deny the attraction we have to the other. I am not pointing my finger to all travellers, this is just based on my experience. So now the question would be: Are you my travel mate or sex buddy? Is there any barrier between two?

A travel partner could be found anywhere. However, once you find your travel partner on Tinder, it turns into a different story. For those who travel for a long period, it is hard to deny the physical need (and of course I am talking about sex). The point of finding someone on Tinder and travel with him/her, it is hard to avoid the physical attraction and sometimes emotions too. I don’t see any reason why not a travel mate be a sex buddy altogether. It is a natural thing for two people having a mutual interest and attraction towards each other, and sex comes along. The most difficult part is to have no string attached because at one point, you two will go separate ways.

It is not wrong to use Tinder while travelling

No one judges you from how you use Tinder and they should not anyway. Either using it for dating or for looking for people in your area, or even for a hook-up, there is no right or wrong. To me, using Tinder has brought me to meet so many cool people who are not just travellers but also expats. Some Tinder dates have turned into great friends. Tinder while travelling is great as long as you know how to use in a right way (depending on your reason to be on Tinder). It does not matter if you find your travel mate on Tinder and he/she turns into your sex partner. Love stories could happen, too.

7 thoughts on “Tinder while travelling – Travel mate or Sex buddy?”

  1. Hi First off let me say . I love your posts . And at long last , a woman who tells it like it is . Just the straight goods , from your point of view. I guess was born 40 year to early . And seeing that I try not to lie . I had no idea what Tinder is Hahahah . So I have a lot of catching up to do . I started late being a solo traveller . And I can really feel what your saying , about meeting up and with a woman and sharing some of the wonderful sights and sounds ,of the country you are traveling in . The trip this year to the Philippines, Cambodia , Thailand , and Vietnam . Was missing this connection . I have had trouble all my life saying Goodbye anywhere at anytime . Even in my home town. I am sure you know the type the hopeless romantic . I hope my next trip will be traveling part of the way with someone like you . Your an honest Soul . Thanks so much and HAPPY YEAR .

    1. Hi Fred,
      Thank you for your comment. And let me tell you, it is not about being born earlier or later, we all experience this matter in different ways. Yes, maybe give yourself a few minutes to explore what Tinder is but you’re not missing out anyhow. Sometimes, on your journey, people are there for you to meet, you just gotta which one is the right one to travel with. And Romance, it also depends on each one of travellers how they want it. I do look for ‘the one’ at one point but while travelling, I am not sure i will find one. The only thing that I have learnt about men while being on the road is no men can be trusted. But don’t worry, I am still very optimistic.
      Wish you a safe and happy new year!!

      1. Hi In my last post to you . I was in a bit of a rush because I was going running . So now after cooking some breakfast I have more time . But its just my opinion, which everyone has and sometimes we give it a little to freely . So here goes . First men and I speak of my self and the many men, I had known in my long life . Men are like dogs always on the hunt . Marriage and commitment to a woman slows them down . But does not stop them hunting for new experience’s . Yes there are good true hearted and loyal men . But any beautiful woman who just raises her finger,with a come here look . Will make 95% of men turn weak in the knees , and do her bidding . Now after 25 years of a good marriage and family and still good friends ,with my remarried ex-wife. I am still open to find the One . The same as you are. But there could be many of these so called One. So we go forward each day to see what it brings. Always open to new chances . And not knowing the person you just walked by was the love of your life .. . LETS Love our self’s even with our many faults . LOVE MANY THINGS AND DANCE IN THE RAIN … Tomorrows a new day..

  2. Interesting post! I have Tinder and used it with little success back home. Whilst in Thailand recently I fired it up when having a quiet night in and was utterly astonished to start getting matches (a very rare thing for me!). My joy at this soon dissipated when I quickly realised that literally everyone I was matching with was just looking for money to hook up – an alternative way of meeting a bar or massage girl I suppose. I certainly didn’t see any other travellers on it. I closed it down and didn’t bother using it again. A totally different experience to yours! Now I’m back in the UK I’ve opened it again – 4 weeks in and 0 matches. Sigh …

  3. This is a very interesting post! Although I’ve not yet been able to travel abroad, I always wanted to use Tinder for the sole purpose of wanting to meet someone over coffee for a chat, like I just want to know someone who has a different perspective in life. Different from me and all the people around me like my friends and family. I think it feels nice to meet random people sometimes. But apparently my boyfriend does not approve of this, hahaha. Plus I haven’t the guts to do it so yeah I deleted the app 🙂
    XX Nikaia | http://www.wheresnika.com

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