Quit your job and travel? Let me tell you one thing! STOP getting influenced by that idea of people quitting their 9-5 job to travel!

It is insane that so many people have been sharing their motivative posts online, especially on social media and blogs, about quitting their jobs to travel the world. Obviously, it is a courage to a lot of people because the idea of being free is everyone’s life goal. Who doesn’t want to escape from the 9-5 jobs? However, is it realistic what people are doing?

I have been travelling and living in different places for the last 5 years. I used to be a student, an employee, and of course that meme “Quit your job and travel” always triggered my temptation. Yet, the more I travel, the more I see that people are making a wrong decision. Something is worse: there are so many articles on the internet writing about “How to quit your job to travel the world?”. It does not look like what you are seeing. Of course, many people have turned successful while travelling after quitting their jobs. But you have to be rational here.

Are you able to be financially independent after quitting your job?

Something that I have learnt from most travellers who quit their jobs to travel is they are not 100% certain about their money. Be honest to yourself! How are you going to afford your travels? Many travellers choose to spend their savings while travelling, which is, of course, doable yet unstable. Your journey is not going to last forever and you must look at the bigger picture. Travelling does require you to be a bit reckless but it does not mean that you would not take smart decisions.

Even if you would become a budget traveller, your money will still drown either way at one point. No matters how much you have in your savings, what are you planning to do after you run out of it?

You are going to face many challenges

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Besides the fact that travelling is not for everyone and it is somewhat challenging, there are still difficulties you will be facing once you decide to quit your job to travel. Of course, money is one of the issues but the main challenge is yourself. Once you step out of your comfort zone, you would realise that travelling is not like most people say about it. Yes it is the freedom, yes it is adventurous. However, fun does not come all the time. You would experience those days that you miss home and wish to have familiar people around you. Life in the hostel might be fun for few days, maybe few weeks. For a long-term travel, you would see that there would be days you feel annoyed by meeting new people, hearing the same stories all over again. May not all of travellers have this but it comes around somewhat.

Should you quit your job to travel the world?

DSC_5084Definitely, if you are over the 9-5 job or sitting at the desk 5 days a week, you could take that courage. I am writing this because I believe you could make better decisions. Acknowledge that quitting your job to travel would not be reality but fulfilling your current desire. Think big! I am talking out of my experience – being a student, being employed, quit the high paid job and currently being location independent. The moment you walk out of the office and knowing that it is the last time you would do that, it feels great! The first week voyaging the new life is amazing. However, the reality would hit and when you start to think if you have made the right choice.

I am not saying you SHOULD NOT quit your job to travel. If you do, you should think of the commitment you are going to put on this decision. Don’t quit your job to travel if:

  • You are not sure if you can 100% independent travelling for a long period
  • You plan to travel for few weeks
  • You think it would be a holiday
  • You are uncertain about getting a job once you are done with travelling
  • You are not capable of working on small tasks while travelling to fund partly your travels


Basically, there are many things you should consider before quitting your job. If you hear people telling you “just quit”, don’t listen! You cannot just quit and think later. You should not do things that make you regret later. Therefore, BE CERTAIN OF WHAT YOU DO! That would only make you enjoy your travels even more because you will have less worries.

I will not tell how great travelling is because you know how it is. However, making a step of quitting your job to travel, it makes travelling a great experience. Why? It is the courage that you step out of your eggshell and live the life you want. You will open your mind to new things, learn to live recklessly and be your truly self. MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION TO HAVE NO REGRET! That’s all I would suggest all of you.

5 thoughts on “Don’t quit your job to travel!”

  1. We definitely agree with you. We are avid travelers and adventurers, but we never had the thought of leaving our jobs behind just to travel. We love our work, and in fact, we need our jobs to generate our travel money! Besides, we can’t afford to take the risk of leaving our financial security behind.

  2. That is so true, you need a source of income to sustain your individual basic needs plus your traveling costs.

    I know I have to keep my source of income “incoming” so that i can continue to see more of the world together with my young family like at this recent trip where we were “Swimming with the Elephants”.

  3. I traveled and worked as an aupair for about 2.5 years. It’s a great way to travel and not spend money at the same time. Although, being au-pair for too long is also not the best idea 😀
    Then I moved to Wales and planed to save some money for future travels but I fell in love with my job here, although it’s not 9am-5pm more like 9pm-5am 😀 (croupier’s life).
    I thought I will have time to travel while still working, however, some time and money complications got in my way:(
    Shortly after I arrived to Cardiff I came out to myself and realized that I am not happy living as female. I am on a different journey and that’s becomimg myself and traveling plays huge part in me accepting myseld. It gave me the courage to come out. I would have never done it if I had not travel and got to know myself better.
    I have a job that I love, colegues that support me, Wales is a beautiful place… and still in the future I do want to travel more. However, it will requier more planing, since I will travel as transgender guy and will have to carry hormones with me. That could complicate few things.
    As a crupier I can go work on cruise ships and that will help me travel and save money. However I need to get more experiences as a dealer, that’s why quiting my job would be the stupidest thing I could do right now 😀
    So sometimes not quiting your job straight away and being patient will help the most at the end.

  4. Definitely agree with this post. If you are going to quit your job you’re going to need a plan that will help you out on your travels. I quit my job to travel but that was after I set myself up in a way that gave me enough cushion to at least travel for a couple of months and figure out ways to make money and travel cheaply. Just dropping your drop for the sake of travel is the worst move you can make on your part.

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