Seven Spoons

Adress: 22-24 Chakkrapatipong Road, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 845391819
+66 (0) 26299214

Bewildering in the most touristy area of Bangkok, Seven Spoons is a rare but good find in the old town of the city. Located in the quieter road Lan Luang Road which is about 15 – 20 minutes walk from Khaosan Road, Seven Spoons represents what it is best at – a range of divine Mediterranean dishes complemented with great cocktails.

It was one of those days that I strolled around in the old town of Bangkok. Seven Spoons caught my eyes by its big windows showing some of the indoor wooden interior. Honestly, it was not my first time hearing of Seven Spoons because you could not miss this name once you are a foodie being in Bangkok. Let just say, it was a visit intentionally on-purpose.

Seven Spoons Bangkok 1

Walking through that door, Seven Spoons immediately brought me into the world which the mood should be called “The Wild West”. The pleasant atmosphere with minimal wooden interior design somewhat told me I am going to experience something great here. And so I did! The menu given showed a great variety of dishes, mostly Mediterranean, and options for Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and Sandwiches. By looking at the menu, you could easily understand how knowledgeable they are about what they are making. It also depends on which time of the day you come for a visit because they differentiate the menu for lunch and dinner. That would not concern you, because it will excite you nonetheless.

Seven Spoons Bangkok 2

For that day, I came for lunch. May the menu have overwhelmed me a bit because I could not make a decision, the Spiced tuna soft taco with house mango salsa sounded just great. Just the thought of the mango salsa already thrilled me, and the staff offered me to serve with Shrimps instead of Tuna. The first bite could make you identify the Asian fusion twist on that shrimp taco, especially the sweetness sweated on the salsa was recognisably Thai touched. I also sneaked a spoon of my foodie partner’s Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and chickpea spinach balls to taste. May I just say wow? One spoon would just make you crave for more. The cheesy creamy gorgonzola sauce with a pinch of pistaschio just made you feel lost in wonder.

If you are a big fan of cocktails like I am, or even if you are not, Seven Spoons offers a nice assortment of cocktails that if it was not for a work lunch break, I could have taken a few of those. I love the selection of liquors they have in the house which I believe they understand well the mixology culture. You could go for the basic, as basic as Mojito or Manhattan, or experience the signature cocktails from Seven Spoons. Or if you are the ‘on-the-rock’ kinda gal/guy, allow Seven Spoons to serve you the best in-house.


I admire Seven Spoons because of their passion and boldness. Why boldness? Simply, they locate themselves in the west of the city while most people choose Sukhumvit to open a Western restaurant. But also for that reason, Seven Spoons is an affordable restaurant which everyone could be happy with their wallets after the meal. And no need to talk about the passion they have put on this restaurant because you cannot miss that the second you enter Seven Spoons.

2 thoughts on “Review: Seven spoons – Chic in the wild west”

  1. The interior is GORGEOUS! I just recently went to Bangkok but never had the chance to go around outside Khao San (I stayed in Ratchatewi, which is a couple of miles away).

    Definitely taking a mental note to visit this place if I ever go back to BKK. <3

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