After their opening in May 2016, Touché Hombre has represented their knowledge on Mexican food in a dynamic way. It is not just Mexican food. Touché Hombre is a form of art creation identified with a significant character which is a combination of fashion and food. The place has been brought up from the chic hood of Australia – Melbourne.

Situated in 72 Courtyard (a drink and dine complex), Touché Hombre is a fashionable casual Mexican dining. Authentic Mexican cuisine is considered as one of the complicated kitchens, and because of which I find it hard to spot a good Mexican restaurant. The knowledge for Mexican food is required strongly, and at the same time, it is necessary to understand the concept of Mexican dining. I received my first impression of Touché Hombre from a glance at the menu. They say that you should not judge things from their appearance. However, in this case, the menu could be a representative of the restaurant. Touché Hombre showcases a great range of dishes and cocktails, which I gotta flatter on. It is not too long to confuse you but not too short to minimise your options. And most of all, it does illustrate the knowledge for Mexican food.

The art of Mexican cuisine is applied on street food. Different from Spanish Tapas, Mexican cuisine represents its culinary culture on a different scale. Despite the culture of sharing small dishes, Mexican food differs its food by its ingredients, flavour and complementary. Starting with Ensalada of Soft shell crab Cangrejo, which triggered my temptation for something fresh and salty. Just as good as it looked, the crab salad was one of my favourites at Touché Hombre. Its flavour was something you would call ‘fireworks in the mouth’. A bite of savoury and crispy crab was complemented with the freshness of the corn salad which was topped with tomato cubes and pomegranate. It was out of expectation. Soft shell crab has never been my desire, but the combination was a real treat that I am happy getting to explore. And, consider getting a Margarita to fulfill the whole experience. Margarita Del Tommy is the house’s specialty and it was a pleasure to sip the taste of divine Tequila with a touch of Agave.

Tuna Tostada Touche Hombre Bangkok

The creativity in Touché Hombre’s kitchen is highly appreciated. The second dish came as Tuna Tostada. The good-looking plating touch of the dish was not the highlight of the dish, obviously, but the explosion of flavour. Different from the original Tostada which the tuna would be served on a mini corn soft taco, Tuna Tostada at Touché Hombre brought a new experience into the Mexican Tostada. One full bite of Tuna Tostada and you would explore exotic combo of that bite giving you. A hint of Ceviche could be an answer. However, this creativity would not mislead you. Instead, it shows the creative dimension which is in the dressing and topping flaking on each tostada.

Tacos Touche Hombre Bangkok

Come down to the basic knowledge on Mexican cuisine, here comes the Tacos. Most people are familiar with the hard shell tacos while not knowing that they are addressed under Tex-Mex. At Touché Hombre, you will be looking at the origin of Mexican Tacos. Grilled Chicken de Habanero and Roasted Pork Belly Al Pastor Tacos were served. The corn tortillas are the crucial ingredient for the creation of Mexican Tacos. Two choices of Tacos I went for – grilled chicken habanero and Al pastor which both had a story to tell. The slices of chicken were nicely marinated in habanero but its spiciness did not overwhelm the dish. With a simple salsa and a squeeze of lime, the dish got the balance in flavour and freshness. My favourite must be Al Pastor Tacos. Despite having made it myself, knowing the dish was on the menu impressed me. This authentically complex dish is hard to score. So, Touché Hombre challenging themselves in the game is much valued. I must say, it was not able to expose the authenticity of the Al Pastor, but the dish still stood out on its own. The pork belly was tender and flavourful. And one important element that brought out the tropical taste of Mexico was pineapple. It would be a loss if you come to Touché Hombre without tasting Al Pastor Tacos.

When we talk about Mexico, Tequila is always mentioned. Despite having a large selection of Tequila in the house, I would like to introduce you to the unique flavour of Mezcal. My all-time favourite – Mezcal Sour was served beautifully in Touché Hombre and the cocktails is so far one of my go-to choices. However, they have brought up the game and their creativity in mixology, Los Cocos Locos would be a perfect choice if you prefer something sweet. The cocktails is a creation of 10 different ingredients which Mezcal stands out as the main liquor. It might have been in the sweet taste but its freshness was still incredibly undeniable.

Mexican cuisine is a great mixture of savoury and spiciness. Learning about the Mexican kitchen is always a pleasure but it is hard to tell what is good or what is authentic if you have never been to Mexico. However, the understanding of taste and Mexican ingredients would help and open your mind to this cuisine. Touché Hombre could be the start of your journey.

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Touché Hombre

72 Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor,
Klongton-Nue, Wattana,
Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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