Address:  27/1 Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand

There is no doubt that Peppina owns the best pizza in Bangkok. This authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria and Restaurant has amazed me with its substantial menu and its incredibly delicious pizza.

Been opened since 2014, there have been many eyes on Peppina. It is owned by a Roman chef who grew up with traditional Italian cooking learnt from his father - a butcher, and a good cook mother. Before opening Peppina, he equipped himself with full knowledge of Neapolitan cuisine by several researches taken in Naples.


It was an instant feeling that I received when I first walked into Peppina. The place is modernly homely and fragranced with freshly baked dough. It was one of those lunches that I enjoy sitting at a corner and watching the chefs working their ways.

Let's talk pizza!

best-pizza-bangkok-3Unlike the usual pick - Diavola, I was suggested to try out the David Thompson inspired The 417 which is one of the chef's special picks. For those who enjoy a kick in their savoury pizza, The 417 is the one to go for. It is made with the finest spicy salami coming with the salted anchovies, red peppers, carpers, olives and garlic. It depends on our preferences, each flavour on the pizza is special to us in some ways. What most important is how a good pizza is made. If the flavour is the heart of a pizza, its crust is the soul. It starts with the dough which is the secret hidden behind every single good pizza. With the advantage of having two pizza chefs originally from Naples, Peppina just knows how to get their pizza perfectly right. More than that, the way they want to nurture this soul is by given it a good bake in the masonry oven heated at 400 degree Celsius.


Not just pizza, Peppina has made its name to my heart as one of the best Italian restaurants in Bangkok. Most products that Peppina uses are imported from Italy. Its cheeses are heaven-like. Burrata, may not be well-known, is a creamy made mozzarella which it is solid as mozzarella at the outside and soft and creamy inside. Here at Peppina, Buratta is served different ways. I like it as served with pesto, tomatoes, red onions and a fresh touch of carpers.

One last thing that I cannot leave Peppina without trying - the pasta. Peppina really knows how to make you excited. The menu for pasta here is not long but that's what makes it the best. Every dish is made with the finest ingredients and with special recipes. Mezze Maniche Pasta is the special pasta dish at Peppina which is made with pork cheek ragu. The tenderness of the pork cheek and the perfect sauce made from fresh San Marzano tomatoes would bring you to the world of divineness.

Thanks Peppina for bringing me to understand the culinary lifestyle of Naples. After all, food is lifestyle and you can only make the best of it when you live in it.


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