AngesVoyage is a travel site which use the voice of a story teller to show different experiences through the adventure of a young Vietnamese girl. I pride myself on high quality photography, writing and sharing genuine stories with a large gallery which gives readers a better vision on how colourful the world is. The goal for this blog is simple: to inspire people to break the eggshells and see the world with their own eyes. After three years focusing on writing travel related articles, AngesVoyage has been a site to inspire several young souls to travel, being featured on Malay Mail and AsiaLink. Throughout these three years, I have worked with several brands and travel companies such as Arnold Jaeger Werner, Gaya Travel Magazine, Vietnam Visa.

What can AngesVoyage offer to you as brands and companies?

  • A professional but still fun voice on travel related articles
  • A strongly engaged social media audience of over 30,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • High quality writings and photography
  • Genuine stories filled with exciting content

Collaboration opportunities:

  • Press trips which filled with cultural experiences
  • Hotel and restaurant reviews (I am proud to have a significant experience on hospitality and gastronomy which I can deliver fantastic write-ups for hotelier and gastronomy reviews)
  • Sponsored posts
  • Travel photographs

Brands I have worked with:


Let’s chat further! Send me inquiries to mail [at]

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